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My life in a nutshell

Special Thank you's

  • Special thanks to my parents for supporting me in my art endeavors growing up and sending me to college!

  • Thank you to Mr. Laird, my awesome, encouraging high school art teacher who supplied me with paint and assignments in the summer.

  • Thanks to my amazing art professors, John Donnelly and Jim Hendricks. You made college years enjoyable and challenging especially since we had to write a paper in every art class. 

  • Thanks to Steve Gunno for handing me the flyer for the Holiday Artist Market in 2002 which got me painting again after having 3 kids and being a little busy.

  • Thanks ESPECIALLY to my supportive husband, Joey, whom I could do none of this without, because there's no way I could have done all that framing! You are an amazing framer and a wonderful husband! 


  • To God I give all the credit for what I've done, because He is the one that has given me my talent. I don't want to waste it. I have to keep painting.

KAREN's art history


National Watercolor Society International Open Exhibition, 1st time!

"Wish Upon a Squirrel"

Jurors Carla O'Conner, Linda Daly Baker and Michael Schlicting

Florida Watercolor Society Annual Exhibit

Juror Thomas Schaller. "Nautical Reflecting Sphere"  

Transparent Watercolor Society of America, Kenosha, WI

"Memories Like Butterflies" won Erna Kindler Memorial Award

Jurors John Salminen and Soon Y. Warren

National Watercolor Society Member Exhibit, 3rd Time, San Pedro, CA

 "Silent Light" won Ruth Rossman Award.  ​Juror Robert Burridge

"Silent Light" accepted into SPLASH 19 Watercolor (coming July 2018)

Florida Blueberry Festival, 1st Place Award, Brooksville, FL

Florida Blueberry Festival, 2nd Place Award, Brooksville, FL

National Watercolor Society Member Exhibit, 2nd Time, San Pedro, CA

Juror Carole Barnes. "Ticket to Wonderland"

Florida Blueberry Festival, Third Place, Brooksville, FL

National Watercolor Society Member Exhibit, 1st Time, San Pedro, CA

Juror John Asaro. "The Reader"

Florida Blueberry Festival, Third Place, Brooksville, FL

Florida Watercolor Society Annual Exhibit, Art Center Sarasota, FL. 3rd Time

Accepted. Became a FWS Signature Member. Juror Linda Baker.  "The Reader"

Florida Watercolor Society Annual Exhibit, Mennello Museum,

Winter Park, FL. 2nd Time. Juror Nicholas Simmons. "A New Beginning"

Florida Blueberry Festival, Second Place, Brooksville, FL

Florida Watercolor Society Annual Exhibit, Art Center Manatee, Bradenton, FL. 

1st Time Accepted. Juror John Salminen. "Journey Toward the Light II"

Group Exhibit, Brooksville City Hall, FL

Loveland Art Show, Loveland, OH

Images Art Gallery, Kansas City, MO. Co-op Artist Gallery

Art Westport Art Show, Kansas City, MO

File Clerk and Artist at Nazarene Publishing House, Kansas City, MO

Fine Art Major at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Mount Vernon, OH


I've always loved to draw.  I grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania. I majored in fine art at Mount Vernon Nazarene University (Mount Vernon, Ohio), graduating in 1994 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. I had a dream come true to work in the Nazarene Publishing House in the art department the summer I graduated from college. Well, I started out as the file clerk in the art department but worked my way up to a painter in 3 weeks, coloring children's Sunday School story papers. 

I started painting watercolors in earnest in 2002 when a friend handed me a flyer for a small art show in Kansas City, Missouri where we lived at the time. Since then I've been carving out time at night to paint when there are no interruptions except for my creative muse. 

I live in Brooksville, FL with my husband, 3 kids, dog and cat. When I'm not painting, I am most likely doing graphic design which is another of my loves because it's kind of like making art on the computer with words and pictures. 

© 2018. Karen Heidler Artwork. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Karen Heidler

FWS Signature Member

NWS Member